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When you believe in something, an idea, a dream. When this idea becomes a part of your day and night .When you find in this idea a part of yourself, then it becomes REALITY.

The dream came true, and what was Yesterday an Imagination, is today a Reality and for tomorrow a promising Future.

This is SWEETY story, in early 1997, it started as Sweets retail shop, then as any dream growing with time, fed with hard work and perseverance, we started producing our own products, from a narrow group of items, to a big variety of products always renewed, with one specific description which was our moto thereafter: TOTAL QUALITY ONLY AND ALWAYS, This is in order to satisfy the most sophisticated gourmet.

First target was to cover the Middle East and when achieved, the vision started to grow to cover European markets with the same strict quality and same international standards (The ELITE standards).

You are invited to enjoy surfing our website, to meet our products and share with us your opinion.


Sweety since its foundation has been based on ideas of Hard Working, Perseverance, Excellence and Quality.

Sweety is committed to the values that are established for a beneficial long-term business partnership for its consumers and business associates.

Sweety is conscious about the importance of consumers satisfaction, trust, and the sustainability of the quality.

Our team is of great importance for Sweety, where everyone has its own important role so we keep growing and improving. In order to achieve this spirit Sweety tries to encourages and back up all her members to reach the highest standards of quality maintained.

Making Chocolate is our PASSION, we are dedicated to use the best quality ingredients, we produce our chocolate with this passion in our hearts, and will keep it this way till forever.